Summer 2023 Alumni Workshop Registration

Summer 2023 Alumni Registration

This 8 day multi-genre alumni class taught by Zac Hug will run from Wednesday July 5 to Friday July 14th. Attendance includes all keynotes, craft sessions, panel discussions and evening events. For an extra fee, attend our first-ever day-long comics camp on Saturday July 15th.

Travel and accommodation are not included in these fees; participants must make their own arrangements. We reserve the right to cancel if enrollment is too low. In the event of cancellation due to low enrolment, your registration fee will be fully refunded.

$900 plus GST.

Note: when signing up, please also choose a book for the faculty book seminar.

  • This course is for UBC Creative Writing MFA and BFA alumni only.
  • A multi-genre, non-credit class just for alumni, led by the amazing Zac Hug. Through exercises in visualization, character explorations, and change of perspective, students uncover new information and burst through the walls of what’s keeping the project under wraps. Through workshops in adaptation, guest speakers from various forms of writing (designed in conjunction with the goals of the participants), and in-class writing, we’ll develop a packet of information that will allow students to leave with new methods for their writing process, a fresh start at a beloved project, and an enormous amount of information to help them write and completing the project they’ve been meaning to get done.

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  • Faculty Book Seminar

    On the first day of the residency (July 5), summer faculty will host the Faculty Book Seminar. Each faculty member has selected a book (and/or TV series) on which they’ll be leading a 90-minute, craft-based discussion. Students should select one of the seven choices listed below, read the book (and view the content, where appropriate) and submit a 3-5-page reflection by early June (we’ll be sending information on the reflection later).

    For now, feel free to select your book/TV Series from the list below. (You’ll have to narrow your choice to one as the seminars will be held concurrently.) Please note that this is a mandatory session for all summer residency students, including alumni

    Choose from the list below: